Halloween @ Bark&Bert

Posted on October 10, 2013


Halloween is upon us,
the knock at the door is inevitable..
this could spell joy or paracetamol for humans.

For those who dismay headaches..
Bark&Bert bring you their favourite outfits, pooch and human edition

Number #5
The classic, the devil.. because i’m not devilish enough during day light hours.

Devil Dog Costume

Transform your dog in to the real thing for one night only with this costume from Diva Dogs, and accompany with this human version from Angels if you feel so inclined.

Number #4
Pumpkins, the delicacy of October.

Who could resist this adorable knit, apart from your compliant companion? Partner with this human edition to make him feel better.

Number #3
Little Dinosaurs.

For dogs concerned with maintaining street cred, this number has you covered. You might want to walk to few steps behind your embarrassing human though.

Number #2

For a limited time only, PetzCrazee will transform you in to Frankenhound. We’ve got miniature humans covered too.

Number #1
The Skeleton.

Because, who doesn’t love a bone? Humans, proceed to terrify anonymously.