Paw Inspired Door Mats

Posted on October 15, 2013


First up is the Soggy Doggy doormat, because this isn’t just any old doormat, but a thirsty one. Made from super absorbent micro-fibre, it’s designed to soak up as much muck and water off those dirty paws before they decorate all near by floor surfaces. You can read more about how the Soggy Doggy mats work here.

This artificial turf mat is perfect for humans and canines who like to get exceptionally muddy, simply give it a quick hose down to make it look new again. Product note: Dogs prone to digging may be tirelessly confused.

More paw inspired mats..

1. I Love Muddy Paws from Inner Wolf

2. Wipe Paws And Carry On from Kennel Gate

3. Dirty Dog Doormat from Pets at Home

4. Pet Rebellion Mat from Pets Perfect

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