Xmas Jumpers For Dogs and Humans

Posted on October 23, 2013


The unfashionable Xmas jumper has never been in such demand.
That said, it’s never too early to start shopping for your sweater before they sell out.

Christmas Jumpers For Dogs

1. Dogs In Blankets from Firebox
2. Nordic Fairisle Jumper from Doggielicious

3. Snowman Jumper from Pettecoats
4. Rosewood Stripey Jumper from Amazon
5. Rhinestone Rudolf Tee from Chelsea Dogs
6. Wolters Elk Knitted Jumper from Pet365

Women’s Christmas Jumpers

1. Xmas Pudding from Primark Instore
2. Reindeer Light Up Jumper from New Look
3. Xmas Elf from Primark Instore
4. Only Reindeer Knit from ASOS

5. Santa Chimney Jumper from Primark Instore
6. Sequin Xmas Tree from New Look
7. Xmas Tree from Primark Instore
8. Xmas Fair Isle Jumper from River Island

Men’s Christmas Jumpers

1. Santa Dog Jumper from BooHoo
2. Ugly Christmas Jumper from ASOS
3. Xmas Wrapping Paper from New Look
4. Green Penguin Jumper from TopMan

5. Merry Xmas Knit from ASOS
6. Xmas Elf Hoodie from New Look
7. Fair Isle Stag Jumper from River Island
8. Tartan Reindeer Jumper from TopMan