Dog beds that humans would want to sleep in

Posted on December 13, 2013


A bed is central to life of both humans and animals. For most of us it’s our favourite place to be.. our secret cave, a place to snuggle and to be warm and fuzzy, and i think humans feel like that about their beds too.

The floor can be a dusty and drafty old place you know, and us dogs do have an eye for style, that’s why we prefer to sleep on your nice sofa or snuggle in your bed. When my bed gets old and scruffy have a window shop at this selection of beds, modern and traditional, that will compliment your home interiors and my street cred.

Quirky Beds For Small Dogs

1. Monster Igloo Dog Bed £28

2. Petit Marin Sailor Boat Dog Bed £24.50

3. Cupcake Dog Bed With Toys £150

4. Crocodile Dog Bed £26.99

Chic Wooden Dog Beds

1. Oak Barrel Large Dog Bed £59.99

2. Recycled Timber Dog Bed (Customizable) £29.99

3. Recycled French Wine Crate Dog Bed (Customizable) £34

4. Apple Crate Small Dog Bed (Customizable) £39.95

Stylish Dog Beds

1. Dog Cave Bed (Upto 15kg) £95

2. Grey Wash Oval Rattan Dog Basket £65

3. Joules Cambridge Floral Snuggle Dog Bed £24.95

4. House of Paws Arctic Fox Snuggle Dog Bed From £29.99

Lazy Loungers For Larger Dogs

1. Snuggle Dog Bed £60

2. Ruff & Barker Duvet Dog Bed £29.99

3. Rectangle Orvis Dog Bed From £69

4. Wolfybeds Wraparound Fleece Dog Bed £54.99

5. Deep Dish Orvis Dog Bed From £95

6. Lounger Deep Dish Orvis Dog Bed From £149

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