Film Night #1

Posted on October 19, 2013


We bring you a series of paw inspired films to work through this winter, so without further ado, settle in for a romantic night on the sofa with your pooch.

Air Bud

How could our first film be any other than the original Air Bud?

An unhappy boy in a new town finds a stray golden retriever, but whilst tempting it out of the bushes with yoghurt pots he discovers his new friend’s natural ability to score hoops.

Josh and his new friend Buddy make the school basketball team, but not without media attention. Buddy’s former owner, a dirty old circus performer, see’s his dog on the news and attempts to reclaim Buddy for cash making purposes.

Who will win the custody battle for the elusive golden retriever? and will the team make the grand finals with or without him? Tune in to find out..

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