Extreme [dog]Home Makeover

Posted on October 21, 2013


In this post we take a whistle stop tour of some of the biggest and most luxurious dog homes on offer in the UK.

Available in nine different colours, and three sizes, this is the K9 Crooked Dog Kennel. If you live in wonderland with Alice, then you may already own one of these and may skip and proceed to the next house on our list. A lot of thought and care has gone in to this kennel, each is hand made an can be adapted or extended to your own preference. They’re waterproof, durable, and include the luxury of a window for cat patrol.

This guy will build you any brick dog house you desire, he’ll even make a canine sized replica our your own human house. With real foundations and windows, you can even upgrade to UPVC windows, lighting, heating, insulated walls, a patio area and more. This right here is dog kennels on a whole new level.

If bricks aren’t your style, then how about a Swedish timber log cabin? Delivery is free, but you’ll have to supply your own tools to construct this humble abode. Your dog will have the luxury of deciding whether to enter and leave through the door or the dog flap, such hard decisions they have to harbour.

Lastly, a his and hers kennel, for canine couples. Look at those pups, look how happy they are lounging on their veranda. Available with or without a wooden partition depending upon relationship status. A range of heating mats and lamps are also available for colder days.

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